People who have donated and got my disks

I don't have a fancy website. I'm just one guy working alone to try and make ends meet. I would ask you this. If my lessons have helped you and you have the means, please consider a donation no matter how small, it would really be appreciated. I would use any donation to buy natural medicine to help my medical conditions.

I now have all my work available on a 64GB pen drive.

There are two options..

Donation = £55 for free standard delivery anywhere
Donation = £65 for special delivery anywhere

Please take the time to read what of my supporters say about my work.. deltabluestips


The reason for choosing your tutorials.. I have viewed many, many tutorial videos on the Internet looking for Blues acoustic guitar lessons. All of the which left me cold: they were boring, unhelpful, unemotional, etc. I've just viewed a lesson by someone who said he has played Blues in bands for 50 years! Maybe 50 years playing has burned away his enthusiasm, because there just wasn't any emotional feeling in his music. When I discovered your tutorials... wow! The music was alive! That night I couldn't sleep with all the rhythms going through my head. I really like the way you teach. In comparison, instead of the feeling of being in a classroom waiting for the end of class bell to ring, your tutorials are like your favourite uncle is showing you how to play guitar at the weekend. 
I'm really looking forward to receiving your tutorial CDs. 

Have a great day.


Terry - Australia

G’day there Ed. Just a quick email to let you know that the 10 DVDs I purchased from you have arrived here in N.S.W Australia today ! Woo - Hoo !!! I can’t wait to get stuck into learning from them. Thank you so much for taking the time over the years to produce some of the best tutorials I have ever seen . As every one else says about you teaching style it’s like having a very accomplished ‘old friend’ patiently showing you step by step. Kudos to you Ed. May this email find you in good health, Cheers,Terry.

Philip - Australia

I do admire your work. I am an academic and a teacher and I recognise really skilled natural teaching ability when I see it. The lessons I have seen are very naturally paced, clear, encouraging, useful and with just enough personal disclosure to bring about engagement with you as a teacher.   

I look forward to receiving the disks of your existing work. I hope that there will be new lessons and new disks in the future.

Thanks again


Rick - Australia

Thanks Ed for your super efficient service.
I have just started to play the guitar but have always been drawn to music from Robert Johnson, Blind Lemmon Jefferson et al.
I thought what better way to honour their legacy than try and learn to play their music.
Anyway I stumbled upon your You Tube lessons last week and can't say it was love at first sight, but something in your teaching manner resonated. I thought this is the Man to teach me delta blues.
Keep up the good work my friend......Rick

Graeme - New Zealand

Hi Ed,

I got your disks today...what a treasure trove!!!!

I am rapt that you even have Dylan in there among others..

I can't wait to get into it but there must be a years worth of lessons in there...

I particularly like how you take time to explain the chords and their formation up and down the fretboard...just watching the lessons without my guitar and I can still learn..

I am dumping the disks onto my macbook so I can have everything with me when we travel...with guitar of course..

Thanks again mate or as we say in NZ "Tu meke" or too much!


Jean - Canada

Hi Edward,

Thanks so much for your Blues tips. I find your style extremely clear and easy to follow. Technically, you can't be beat, (good sound and photography, close-ups of fingering, simple explanations.) But more than that, you have something lacking in many other teachers. Somehow you can make even a basic rhythm exercise seem like fun and cool, not "work". I'm so grateful to have discovered you!!! 

I marvel at how, despite the fact that you are an advanced player, you seem to enjoy teaching all levels, with patience and feeling.

I would love it if you could send me option 19 - The Delta Blues.

Thanks again and keep up the good work. You are wonderful!



Neil - UK

Hi Ed,

The disks arrived yesterday and I've started working my way through the first one.  You've got an excellent teaching style compared to most other online guitar tutors.

Again, thanks for the disks,


Pete - Canada

Hi Ed:
I have had the complete package here for about 2 weeks now and have had a chance to go through much of the material.  There's a pile here that will keep me going for a long time.

I just wanted to thank you for a truly great learning program and congratulate you, not only on your skills, but also on the simple and professional way in which you present the material.

If you continue to produce updates, please let me know.

Meantime, many thanks again and keep up the good work Whack!

Lucie - Czech Republic

Hi Ed,
I confirm that CDs arrived okay.
Thank you very much for the excellent cooperation.
Best regards.

Ron - UK

Hi Ed.
recieved disks today,had a quick look through them and i'm very happy they look the business.
cheers Ron.
ps a quick way to get donations in is to  start a swear box, i'd gladly subscribe.
thanks once again.

Jerry - USA

Hi Ed
Just wanted to let you know I recieved your disks a couple of weeks or so ago. I had to leave town for a month or so and am just getting back home to let you know they arrived. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge. Take care.


Adrian - UK

Hi Ed,
Just a quick one to say a big thanks for sending me the disks (and so promptly).
Finished work about an hour ago and just skipped through them all to see the content and I reckon I've got enough to keep me busy till about 2050. Can't wait to get stuck into some serious practice, been an admirer of your playing and teaching for a while but a bit slow on actually donating so please accept my thanks and apologies for not getting it together a bit sooner.